Jo’s Back: Second Version


Oil on panel

This painting was inspired by black and white photos I took of Jo back in 1996. The first version was painted in 2005 and was the same size and format.


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The painting was subsequently stolen by my art dealer, Roland Crane and it’s location remains unknown. Any information leading to the recovery of this painting would both be appreciated and rewarded financially.

I painted the second version to essentially overcome theft with creativity. I felt this painting is at least as good as the first version, if not better. The second version employs new techniques that I had not yet incorporated in the first version. There are also fine details in the anatomy that are arguably more accurate making this painting a bit sharper. Mostly, however, it is the use of crimson in the edges of the figure set against the orange of the background along with contrasting aquamarine blue that makes this piece unique and more original than the first version. I also used a large stiff house painting brush to essentially etch the background paint in the direction of the curves of the fabric which was done to pick up overhead lighting and effectively make the background glisten. These techniques are not used in the first version.

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