Marni with Cardinal


Oil on panel

This is a double throwback. When I was a teenager I discovered a love for observing nature. One of the ways I enjoyed that was to paint birds in a very detailed manner. Many years later, in my 30’s, that love of observing nature evolved into observing naked women. And one way to ennoble that ancient custom some called lechery was to make art while doing it. During that period my basic instincts merged with some genuine moments of higher level thinking and I managed to rise above my prurient inclinations long enough to make some beautiful contributions to the world of art and maybe even to our understanding of how to see… not just look.


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Well, many years later in my mid 50’s, immediately after passing my real estate broker’s exam I recoiled from the prospect of moving further from my true passion and pumped out a small body of work for the first time in 5 years. My first inclination was to reach back to my painting roots and re-visit some of my favorite moments from my past. That brief period in 1995-96 was on one of them. Like several other periods, I wish I had done more works in that way so this was a chance to make up for that lack… a little.

Of course it’s not the same. Nor was it my intention to make it “the same.” For one thing, the red squares would never have become birds back then. And more importantly, I would not have fussed over the details of the anatomy so much resulting in a more finished look in this piece. No, for better or worse, back then it was more about the energy of the moment than the polish of a finished piece.

This piece, and others that came out during that little burst of activity were at least as much about “memory” as about energy. But both pieces reveal my continued and persistent interest in sculptural form which I hope will result in more sculpture before I’m too old to do it.

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