Orpheus and Eurydice


Oil on fiberboard

Certain pieces just come together perfectly. This is one of those. Like a lot of my work, it didn’t get its title until after it was painted. I didn’t really know this would be a painting about this Ancient Greek myth until after the painting emerged. The story has particular resonance for me because it has given me insight about my creative process.


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Here, in this painting, Orpheus floats in one dimension and Eurydice remains under ground in another dimension. To me this is the story of the creative process. In order to find and bring out one’s creative ideas one needs to go into the under world of the unconscious. Once there one needs to come back into the conscious world without looking at it. If I look too directly at my ideas and inspirations before they take shape in paint and canvas they disappear. There has to be some level of trust that the idea will follow me out into the light of day. And I have noticed that the more I trust this process the more likely it will come along.

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